One of the last boats still being South, we were wondering if we could be so lucky to see a whale shark over here. Well, it could not have been better.

Being a plankton eater is a hard job. Being one of the biggest creatures in the Indian Ocean and a plankton eater is even harder. The amount of plankton a whale shark needs to eat every day means that he or she must pretty much feed all day.

A clever whaleshark could just increase this intake by finding a liveaboard with lights on the back. The lights attract the plankton and the all the whale shark needs to do is just hover behind in the liqghtbeam and swallow the thick clouds of plankton that gathers there. A free meal for the whaleshark and an unbelievable spectacle for divers to see such a huge animal from so close. An experience never to forget. Check the short video!




See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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