Most of us check the looks of the boat when we decide to do a liveaboard trip, but of course there is a much more important factor: the staff. It is them who create the success of failure of your dive trip in Maldives. So we had a serious talk (well . . . with a beer) with them and like to share with you some information about them.

Emperor Serenity is part of the Empreror fleet and even though this was only the 6th trip ever made with this liveaboard, you would not say this. The organisation had no major hiccups during the week and resulted in great diving. As I really wanted to photograph the  Brit with his typical cup of tea . . . the others wanted to have "an extra" in the picture too. Don't be deceived by the funny pics of them in this article, as they are divers in their soul and very dedicated to their job.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Dive Team Maldives Divemood
Emperor Serenity Stina Maldives Divemood
Emperor Serenity Craigh Maldives Divemood
Emperor Serenity Ismail Maldives Divemood
Emperor Serenity Maseeh Maldives Divemood
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The dive team on this trip was led by instructor Stina, who is from Sweden and has a broad experience to fall back on  as she worked in Egypt, Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, Emirates as well as Thailand.  She is pleasant personality, flexible and always ready to help where needed. Though Craig works as a guide/instructor on board he is actually a marine biologist and definitely a very social and talkative person. He gained his experience in Brunei as well as a resort in Maldives and is an instructor. The veteran in this company is definitely Ismael from Maldives. With his 5000 plus (read very much plus!) dives he transpires a  tranquillity underwater that makes even a difficult dive like a walk in the park. A great charming personality and a top divemaster. Last but not least is Maseeh, who is also from Maldives and started on a young age as a compressor boy in a divecenter in a resort. Slowly he worked his way up to divemaster and, after working in a handful of resorts,  now is a fixed guide with Emperor in Maldives. He has a positive outlook on life and it takes very little to get him smiling. A very social person as well as an excellent guide.

Definitely it is more than just the dive crew that makes it work and each of them did a good job this week. The captain, Shareef, we knew already from our time working in one of our dive centers and it was really nice to see that he grew from dhoni captain to liveaboard captain.

Well there is so much more to say about the crew, but I guess the moral of the story is that they are capable and social people and always ready to learn more. You may or may not connect with each individual onboard but we believe you are in safe hands over here and get some great dives from them.

We arrived by now in Malé again and the day is spend with cleaning, drying and storing the equipment. This report was a bit late as yesterday we were anchored in a zone without proper internet, so I keep it short. Of course we had some great dives also on this day but I will leave that till the last posting for this trip. It will take a bit of time as I plan to add a small movie and a pic slide show to it which needs some faster upload place. Once it is up . . . will notify again via facebook, twitter and  linkedin.



See you soon

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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