Three dives a day, makes you hungry and a lot of calories need to be replaced. After the return of the dhoni to the Emperor Serenity Liveaboard, most people run to their shower and are immediately ready for their meal. The buffet meals are served 3 times a day, and here you can read a bit more about it.

The morning starts with a knock on the door to let you know it is time to get a small "pre-breakfast" before the first briefing. Though the majority just takes a tea or a coffee with a cookie, you can get also a toast with some marmalade etc.  As it is 6:00 in the morning this is typically the most silent consumed meal of the day as everyone is waiting to touch the water and . . . really wake up.

emperor serenity island bbqAfter the fist dive the breakfast buffet is prepared and a boatload of hungry divers attacks it in a frenzy. The buffet can easily cope with this as so far it was plentiful as well as tasty . Within a dozen or so minutes everyone retreats to "a dominantly  horizontal place" to "evaluate" the dive on the inside of their eyes.. . .

Lunch and Dinner take place in a similar way, with of course a wider selection of food suitable for refuelling as well as enjoying. The taste was so far without exception good and the choice more than sufficient.  It is hard not to overeat yourself as there is more than enough to try. We noticed also that they take good care of people with special wishes due to allergies or other food issues.  We cannot say anything else than that the Chef is a blessing for this liveaboard and than we are not even talking about the pleasant attitude he has. He his from Bali, has a everlasting pleasant smile and an amount of first names that make you jealous (Putu Madi Noman Ketut). Luckily  . . . Madi will do just fine.

emperor serenity liveaboard bbq tablesToday the friendly kitchenteam organised a beach barbecue and again all was very satisfying. The food was tasty, the amount was more than sufficient and the organisation was good and smooth. As we were the only ones on the island of course the whole thing had a magical touch to it and some of us almost refused to return to the Serenity again. Under the stars with a glass of wine, a full stomach  and great company. . . what do you expect.

Now, at the end of this small report, in the lounge on board the Serenity, I look around me and discover that almost everyone went pretty much to bed. Alla is yawning and I guess that is the sign we should do the same as tomorrow 4 dives are scheduled.  Yep! That's it, I call it a day.



See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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