After a couple of days on board, it became clear that it is comfortable and offers enough space to have your privacy if you want it. The air-conditioned lounge is big and you can always use a table an chair if you want for example to do some computer (making a dive movie) work. The bar area is well designed and big enough to be a place to hang out by itself.Walking through the boat is easy, all hallways and stairs are wide and easy to move around. The main thing of this boat is perhaps that there is a lot of white polyester and teak wood, which creates a stylish and calming design. You do not find here dark colour wood cabins or spaces, everything is light and bright.

The front of the boat is “staff only” though they do not mind if you want to take a look on the bridge. The captain has a very good overview from there and has at his hands a very proper navigation system that  . . . keeps you safe during travel. The front deck is almost non existing, but this was probably a conscious design feature as  or the rooms are really spacious. If you need your time to tan in the sun or get a breeze there is always the huge sun-deck that more than replaces a front-deck and has the added benefit of a better view over the ocean. Anyway check the video that is this time a mix of boat and dive!

The first two dives today were made on  Moofushi Rock which is a manta cleaning station. The first one was not too successful from the point of view of wanting to see manta, but King found four beautiful white tip reef sharks in a small cave that were looking sweet like babies. You can see one on the video in it’s full beauty. The whole cleaning station was anyway beautiful as it was covered in blue striped snappers, oriental sweetlips, humpback snappers, etc etc. Too much to mention in all the colours of the world. The second one more lucky as a manta sticked around and showed itself from it’s best side.

The third dive was made on the small wreck of Fesdu. Completely overgrown by corals and filled with a lot of glass fish the smallness of this place is it’s strength. Going slowly over the wreck you discover interesting stuff everywhere. A big grouper near the propeller, cleaner shrimps on several places and of course a lot of different corals.

Another great day on board, that we would wish to anybody,



See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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