The day started with an amazing dive on the wreck of the MV Kudema. The ship was surrounded by schools of small fish and with rainbow runners around, hunting for them. You could just lie on your back on the sand and look at the spectacle above you for an hour. After a round around the wreck we then entered the wreck on the site through the big hole an went up to the deck. There we found two of the stonefish that always seem to be there and one gave me a beautiful shot by yawning straight to the camera.

The second dive was on Rangali Madivaru. Normally you will be able to spot some manta there, but this time . . . only from the boat. Not a bad dive, but of course not satisfying if it was manta we wanted.

The last dive today was made on Dhiga Thila and was very good. It started of with some sharks and barracudas, until we reached the corner. From there on beautiful soft corals were dominating the scene. A lot of amazing see through and great small stuff. King, our guide spotted a boxfish about the size of a matchstick head and bright bright yellow. the overhangs were  alive with interesting small creatures everywhere. A great day of diving that we hope will repeat itself.

The room is too comfortable!

oceanviewsuite oceanbathroomAfter each dive we return on the Adora in our Ocean View Suite. Space wise this room is very big, we even left our two suitcases in the room and are not bothered by it. It is so comfortable that we think every time to skip a dive (we never do!). We made some pictures for you to get an impression and as we are actually living there you can see that there is plenty room to organise yourself. The room boy seems able to keep the room in a very clean state. The beds are very comfortable and the bathroom is spacious clean and functional. An extra beautiful feature is that you have you own private balcony. Perfect for taking some sun but also very handy for drying the swimming trousers etc. More than satisfying!

 As the day was finished by a barbecue . . . it is rather late and I cannot keep my eyes open. I guess the bed is calling and the alarm clock threatening . . . . must go now!



See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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