The week is finished and the boat with pain in our heart we had to leave the boat again. A lot of new impressions and overall a successful trip. Most of the boxes were ticked of what you would hope to see on a safari trip in Maldives and the crew as well as other guests were very pleasant company. 

The Ari Queen is definitely worth your effort, surely if you consider that it is available for interesting prices. The boat is not a new one and though you can see that here and there, it is clear that the new management has big plans. May June there is a major overhaul planned that should take care of some ecstatical issues but already now you can notice some good investments.  We found always a bowl with fruits available (besides the famous and delicious bananas), a good firm mattress, quality/new bed linnen and a dhoni crew that not even once forgot to check my tank before entering the water.  Stuff that is not a given on all boats. The boat itself is rather fast and we noticed that it also not too noisy when lifting the anchors. Very pleasant if you sleep in one of the cabins in the bow. 

Life on board was overall very pleasant and for the biggest problem was probably that there was too much food and somehow now have to switch again to a more restricted diet. 

So . . . Last but not least a small video giving you an overall impression of the great dives the Ari Queen was “giving us”. 



Hope you enjoyed

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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