The last day of diving and we give it a try with an early morning dive to see some hammerheads. I was convinced we woke up already early morning for a week but discovered that you can even wake up earlier if you want.  I guess luck has to be with you and sometimes . . . it isn't. At 28 meter, no bottom in sight, interesting plankton,  a diver that gets obsessively  angry because I put my light on to check a jellyfish  ( did it scare all the hammerheads away?) and after 20 minutes we are off to the reef. There the dive turns for the better with an immense barracuda, an elegant eagle ray and a very pleasant current parallel to the reef. All together still worth the waking up!

From Rasdhoo we crossed over to North Malé Atoll for our last dive on Bodu Hiti Thila, a place famous for Mantas in the dry season. As soon as we get down the first mantas appear and it goes on like that during the dive. We had some very close encounter with a stingray and the smallest Ghost Moray Eal ever seen. So small, the picture I would like to show you is actually not showing anything. A Porcupine stingray decided to add some more flavour to the dive, just before the last manta is closing the week . . .


This week dives

That was it, a great week on the Adora with pretty much only good experiences. We did not see a whale shark and  . . . that's diving. If you want to be sure of your entertainment, you should try Disney World instead. Nature changes from day to day and that is the beauty. Anyway after diving for a life time I honestly have to say that this week was more than good and to proof my point I made a last small video of the highlights. This time in HD (the other videos are also replaced by a HD version now) so hope you like it.  Alla made some nice pictures that you can enjoy above. The one of her waiting for the boat is obviously not made by her, but . . . I guess it catches the divemood feeling well.


The Adora

About the Adore, we are really positive. We were only with 10 guests on board, but I believe that even with a full boat you it will not overcrowded here. The upper deck is huge, the lounge big, the stern deck really spacious and in your cabin you can run around. The crew did their job well, was present, not overly protective and ready to help where needed. I guess we are ready to go again.



Hope you enjoyed!

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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