The staff of the Adora and the Stingray II consists of 6 instructors and dive masters who work on the boats. The change now and then on which boat they are working, but it is pretty much always these six guys that make your dives great.

SideySidey is the dive leader on board. He is a charming but quiet guy with a lot of patience. He previously worked in a government job and could not stand anymore the hours in a closed office. At the first occasion he decided to change his profession and became an Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor. He is now working since 4 years for this company and must have logged over 3000 dives or so. He loves the small stuff underwater but admits of also loving his wife very much. We asked him for a remarkable dive that he remembers and as he had it on video he gave us the small movie of the Ornate Eagle Ray. Look at the drawing on the back and then get amazed by the length of the tail.


KingKing (Ibrahim) is very balanced character who seems always to observe and keep his calmness. Before he joined this company he spend many years in the Maldivian Army which probably explains this cool attitude. He is a master in finding small stuff and surprised us this trip with for example a ghost pipe fish and a leaf fish. Both of them found during a dive on impossible to notice places! He only recently joined the company but seems to be a stable factor here already.


MohamedMohamed started working as a waiter onboard of a live aboard and soon understood that that was not the best job to have there. With a taste for life, it wasn’t long before he convinced the instructors onboard to teach him how to dive and the rest is history. He is now an official PADI divemaster and plans to do his instructor course this year.  When we asked him what he remembers most he said “anything that I see for the first time”. Of course his first Whaleshark is still clear in the mind as was the first Hammerhead, but he admits to have equal fun when seeing the smaller stuff. He is now guiding groups for over a year and as he dive before already must have made around 1000 dives or so. Don't be misguided by his skinny or small appearance!


But we also dived today.

tutlejohnThe day started with a beautiful dive on the famous Fish Head.  Starting on the corner that face the currents we of course enjoyed first some cruising of the grey reef sharks there.  One seemed to even hunt as he shot up from around thirty meter to what appeared close to the surface in probably half a second. Try doing that without getting the bends! After that we enjoyed amazing overhangs with loads of blue stripped snappers, finally ending the dive on the top with two sweet turtles that completely ignored us.

napoleonThe second dive was on Bathalaa Magaa where we had the luck of meeting a Napoleon family. Five of them from very small till a huge one. The picture here is only the second largest one.  We were unlucky with the current and as such did not have the real channel effect with sharks etc here. Anyway a beautiful place with lots to see.


For the final dive we moved over to Rasdhoo Atoll to dive Rasdhoo Madivari. A spectacular site with many sharks as well as lots of small stuff to see. A bit busy with divers in the beginning, but halfway the dive most of them left and we found ourselves alone here. It was here that king found the leaffish and ghost pipe fish.





See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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