Diving makes hungry! Sometimes I wonder who is more in charge on a boat, the captain or the chef. Probably on a diving boat this is even more difficult to decide as it seems like hungry lions being led to their meal after every dive. 

Luckily the boat is well equipped for the task as it has a spacious kitchen and a very dedicated chef.  An extra nice feature is perhaps that the kitchen is an open one. Between the buffet and the kitchen there is a huge window, which makes it possible to see the chef preparing some of the items and shows you also how clean they are. Good to see this on boat I believe.

So far all we ate was tasty and more than enough to feed the 10 hungry mouths sitting together at the table. One of the people is vegetarian and the chef was very fast in taking this into account, with here and there some small extras.  There is always more than enough to eat and even though we are just a small group there is always some choice.  The cheese cakes and chocolate cakes were especially tasty and have to admit that I asked for a second portion from the first one.  Al together more than sufficient for a boat of it's kind.

Did we only eat today ?

parrotfishOf course not, we made three nice dives! The first one perhaps the most interesting one, being still in Vaavu atoll to the beautiful Miyaru Kandu. A channel dive where we had only some medium current. Anyway I believe we were lucky as it was full of grey reef sharks and white tip sharks. We stayed hooked on the reef and hooked on the hunting spectacle before our eyes before drifting inside the channel again. Finishing it all off with an intensely coloured school of parrot fish.

The second dive was in Ari Atoll and the visibility was not the best I guess. Kuda Rah is small thila that has a particular big school of blue stripped snappers hanging around. Great to see that yellow cloud dancing over the reef.

ghostpipefishThe last attempt of the day was aimed at finding a whale shark. Well, we did not make it. Cruising around for more than 40 minutes and no sighting Sidey decided what he believed was the best spot and we entered the water. To make a long story short also during diving no such luck. We did spot a Manta but the best thing was perhaps the spotting of the ghostpipe fish. The picture is not very clear, but this white bulky thing you see is my finger to give you a reference point of the size. Amazing that Sidey could find this thing.



See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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