The diving has more than started and the first results are there. Slowly crawling up North in the Ari Atoll, time your keeping you informed with some impressions.

The days are flying by, or rather diving by! Each dive seems to want to surpass the previous one in beauty and stuff seen. Of course the always wanted big stuff can be ticket off by almost everyone.  Grey reef sharks, whitetip reefsharks, manta rays, eagle rays and of course the whale shark but . . . so much “small great” stuff. Nudi branches, flatfish, leaf fish, scorpion fish etc etc and then we are not even talking about the great walls of soft coral and majestic overgrown blocks. To share a bit with you we added a 15 pics slideshow so you have a rough idea about the success of this trip.

Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Eagleray
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Anemone With Fish
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Cave With Snappers
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Fish From Dark
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Grouper
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Hermite Crab
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Leaffish
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Manta
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Nudibranch
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Nudibranches
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Octopus With Alla
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Pufferfish
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Scorpionfish Camouflage
Divemood Ari Queen Liveaboard Whaleshark
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The diving is comfortable! The briefing is done in the lounge of the Ari Queen after which everyone  transfers to the dhoni to get geared up. The crew works together smoothly and as such you never have the feeling that you need to be in a hurry while at the same time we are all in no time ready to dive. During the week the groups have changed a bit, keeping those who need or want it closer to a guide while those who don’t enjoy a bit more freedom.

The guides keep stressing everything what involves safety (no deco, always surface balloon before ascending, etc), not always what you want to hear, but definitely a good thing. Underwater they keep the same attitude and will ask you to not climb on the manta cleaning station, but in a nice and calm way. Very pleasant as nowadays many manta places are suffering from too many different opinions about how close, low or far you should be from the manta and it’s station. Often resulting in aggressive uw discussions that seem to take us back to clearly belonging to the animal kingdom ourselves. 

The dhoni is spacious and well setup, with an very good and friendly crew. They make sure to check that each and every valve is opened after you “entered”your jacket and are always ready to give the helping hand. All pleasant without disturbing or over controlling. 

So far so good, will be back with the last part of our report probably within two days.



See you soon

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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