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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Diving makes hungry! Sometimes I wonder who is more in charge on a boat, the captain or the chef. Probably on a diving boat this is even more difficult to decide as it seems like hungry lions being led to their meal after every dive. 


Wednesday 9 March 2016

The day started  with an amazing  dive on the wreck of the MV Kudema. The ship was surrounded by schools of small fish and with rainbow runners around, hunting for them. You could just lie on your back on the sand and look at the spectacle above you for an hour. After a round around the wreck we then entered the wreck on the site through the big hole an went up to the deck. There we found two of the stonefish that always seem to be there and one gave me a beautiful shot by yawning straight to the camera.


Thursday 10 March 2016

After a couple of days on board, it became clear that it is comfortable and offers enough space to have your privacy if you want it. The air-conditioned lounge is big and you can always use a table an chair if you want for example to do some computer (making a dive movie) work. The bar area is well designed and big enough to be a place to hang out by itself.


Friday 11 March 2016

The staff of the Adora and the Stingray II consists of 6 instructors and dive masters who work on the boats. The change now and then on which boat they are working, but it is pretty much always these six guys that make your dives great.

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Saturday 12 March 2016

That's it, only this last day of diving and a pleasurable week on board of the Adora passed by in a breeze. Still the last day is there and even though this report did not come on the evening as we wanted (bad internet and a small movie to edit for you still), the day offered a lot.

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