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The last posting for a great trip made this week with the Emperor Serenity, the newest liveaboard in Maldives. Summarizing  but above all giving you some visual impressions of a great liveaboard trip in Maldives.  We added a nice slideshow on the top of this article as well as a small video of the trip.

Even though the trip started on a severe cloudy day, from the moment  we came onboard the sun started shinning. Initially it might have been only in our imagination  but later during the week also literally. I would like to think that Emperor Maldives had something to do with both. On board,  one of the guest (Alain) took all the credit as his old mother informed him that it would all be ok the next day and . . . she was more than right. The BBQ on the island was indeed under the stars and the last days we could use the sundeck for it's original purpose. Anyway, even if it would have stayed cloudy and rain present, I honestly believe the boat and crew would pulled it off to keep at least the sun in our hearts shining .

The dives where without exception successful even if not all had the same spectacular highlights as the others. I believe the crew selected the route/sites correctly as we experienced few other divers, manageable currents, more than expected visibility and plenty of interesting marine life.  All the briefings were extensive and took into account most of the possible scenarios of different currents for example. The Serenity and the dive dhoni moved "in harmony" and as such we never had to do long dhoni rides to reach a dive spot. Enough now!  Better you take a look at the slideshow above here (click on the icon in the left bottom for full screen) and the small movie (can also check it on vimeo) about the trip. There are some shots inside from a grey reef in a cleaning station, fist time we had to luck to get some of that on film.

The food was good and there was always enough to choose from. The chef was flexible and when he discovered that many of the "Maldives repeaters" liked the Mas Huni (a typical Maldivian breakfast dish) he repeated it for them (lucky us!). So tasty that we even searched for a coconut grater in Malé and will start to make our own now.  Besides the food there were some interesting craft beers on board and all diners came with some complimentary  white and red wine. Pleasant and cosy moments on the dinner table discussing the diving day and . . .pretty much all there is to discuss in this world.

Due to the great time on the dinning table that kept extending sometimes our night rest (almost) came in danger.  Luckily the rooms are great and the mattresses compensated the lack of time with great comfort. I suffered some back pain before the trip and honestly lost that somewhere on board during the nights.  The rooms itself are good and the bathrooms well designed. We really liked that there was sufficient place to store all your toiletries here as many boats tend to offer very minimized space there.

All together it was great especially if you consider that the boat is brand new and  it was only the sixth trip this boat ever made. Definitely  there are things that could still be improved or optimized, but honestly we believe them to be details and in it's price range . . .  it beats already some of the existing liveaboards.  If you want to know something specific or plan to book this liveaboard don't hesitate to drop us an email. Our pleasure to  help you.



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