Emperor Leo Dive Liveaboard Maldives
Adora Dive Liveaboard Maldives Droneview 2
Emperor Serenity Dive Liveaboard Maldives
Emperor Orion Liveaboard Maldives
Ari Queen Dive Liveaboard Maldives On Anchor
Ari Queen

Ari Queen Liveaboard Report Divemood


Unexpectedly we had the opportunity to join the Ari Queen and experience a trip on board ourselves. We grabbed our equipment, prepared the camera and jumped on board in the late evening, only to surprise those on board with our presence the next morning. Here our first impressions.

Ari Queen Liveaboard Report Divemood


The diving has more than started and the first results are there. Slowly crawling up North in the Ari Atoll, time your keeping you informed with some impressions.

Ari Queen Liveaboard Report Divemood


That's it, a week on board with some great dives. Time to give a small impression of how our trip turned out. Bit of text but . . . the video speaks probably better to the imagination.

Monsoons in Maldives

Seasons in Maldives are not defined by a summer and winter pattern. On the equator, hardly any elevation and a negligible landmass make the are follow a tropical monsoon climate. What does that mean exactly?

Advice Conquer Seasickness

Seasickness, a spoiler for you complete holiday. With a bit of common sense and some small adjustments you can improve a lot.

Atoll Names Maldives Divemood

There is perhaps nothing more confusing than the atoll names in Maldives. From where came this confusion, well if you are interested, once and for all let’s try to clarify it here.

Liveboards Resort comparison

A question often heard from new divers: Should we go to a resort or on a liveaboard. Go to both, but all in good time. Check out our advise.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


Maldives is the country of Serenity! Well... that is mostly true  if you stay on a resort or on an nice liveaboard. The capital is hectic and chaotic with thousands of scooters trying just not to knock you over and another thousands of scooters parked so that getting on the sidewalk or getting of just impossible. You might think I want to put you off here, but no, I just want to  let you know how much we are ready for it . . . Serenity. So if you call your liveaboard the Emperor Serenity, you have just created that expectation but even added some greatness to it.  Let's see if they can deliver on both fronts. We, at least, are open for that change after a week of Malé.

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