The trip has finished when (I write this story) and it is time to give our final thoughts (when the internet is willing). Of course there are many factors that make or break a holiday, to make it easy just look at four different aspects of the trip.


The Itinerary.

Going more South in Maldives is something that most boats do only in February, March and a bit of April, so starting on the 12th of April we were one of the last ones in the South. We could notice that the currents were not so strong as  we hoped in the beginning, but after a few days they picked up and we had some amazing encounters.  Top that with the fact that for about half the trip we could hardly see any other liveaboards, I would say that this was a very good choice.


divemood emperor orion trip nurse shark
divemood emperor orion trip whaleshark
divemood emperor orion trip hooked divers
divemood emperor orion trip 3 greyreef sharks


The boat.

Our previous trip was on the Serenity, so of course we noticed the difference. The Orion is longer in operation and the style is one that you do not see much in the newer boats on the market. That is . . . not a bad thing at all! The Orion has a very functional dividing of spaces, is super comfortable to live on and the bar area on the upper stern deck is very nice. Honestly I would even like to say that this was perhaps the most cosy boat we have visited so far, but that is hard say this objectively as surely the big Irish group that was on board made it often feel like being in a pub with good friends.


The Food.

Every seaman knows that most of the mood on board depends on the food. Liveaboards are no cruise ships, have limited storage space and small kitchens, but . . . the food was really good. On the final night it was actually the clients who forced the chef to come forward to applaud him . . . that should say enough.


The dive crew.

Let's face it, you could live with a lot of limitations as long as the dives were good. Even though Maldives is pretty much always nice, it only becomes magnificent when a dive team does a good job. Briefings are not a monologue, but should be adapted to the listener, it is important to jump at the right place and time in the water (to avoid fighting the currents and loosing bottom time) and guides and captains should have a good sense of where to be at which time. Well, I just touched pretty much how well the dives were conducted. As mentioned before we had some disappointing current conditions, but anyway this was never translated to disappointing dives at all. All dives were great and all of the guides (and captain) did a great job.  I guess if you can literally hear your guides cheering loud in their regulators when they spot something great . . . you are in good hands.


So . . .

All together it has been a great trip, from whichever site you look at it and certainly for many something to repeat again. Feel free to contact us if you need any more assistance or information and for now . . . enjoy the video (fullscreen possible) with some of the highlights. Feel free to download/share this or other videos of Divemood from Vimeo.




Hope to see you soon again

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon




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