Nothing more important than good food, especially on a boat. No matter how good the dives, if the food quality or quantity would be lacking after some days, the (dive)mood goes down. The mood on board the Orion is, after six days of extensive diving, still more than excellent! That's a sign!
We like to look at the kitchen of the boats at random times, just to see who is there, what they are doing and how clean it is. The kitchen of the Orion had no issues here. The food is not only very tasty, also the preparation is done very well. The kitchen is clean, the staff seems to work smooth and pleasant together and all that you can taste in the end result. We had quiet some super meals and (even though my diet should not allow it) I often went for a (small) second round.  Good fresh salads, always a different soup nicely offered and of course fruit as desert.  Top this with a glass of wine at dinner and filter coffee after the meals and we believe that no diver has to worry of being hungry on board. Perfect.


divemood emperor orion buffet
divemood emperor orion fruits
divemood emperor orion bufffet


Still I think it is nice to see the sunset dive we made near Alimatha jetty last night. Every evening dozens of nurse sharks and stingrays gathered there to pick up some of the food leftovers of that resort.  A strange surreal dive that is not for everyone. Some will not like the combination of falling darkness with many sharks, but this has been going on now for a very long time and most of the safari boats visit this place once a week . . . all without serious incidents. I know that some of you will not agree that these animals are fed by the resort and became an attraction for all these divers. As far as I can check it seems that the resort also now has reduced the feeding, so point taken I guess. Nevertheless there is surely a positive function here as all these divers that do this dive are perhaps the best ambassadors for shark protection. It is hard not to see the beauty of these animals and impossible to imagine a world without them. As we often look more with our emotions than with our eyes, I decided to influence that a bit with the choice of music. No upbeat stuff here as it was of a beauty that would make you cry . . . of happiness to be there.




See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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