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So you need to sleep! 3 Dives a day is tiring and a good bed in a nice room is the only thing that will get you in shape for the next day. Luckily for us they succeeded in that field. Though there are some different rooms on board they are all more than sufficient for not only getting a good night sleep but perhaps slightly creating being too nice so you don't want to close your eyes.

empreror serenity floorplan divemoodThe times from the old liveaboards is over, as the smallest room on the Serenity is still bigger than the usual cabins on them. We slept on the main deck (room 10) and could just walk from the lounge straight into our room. A bit worried at first that this would be noisy, we were pleasantly surprised not to hear much from the lounge. Well constructed.  The bathroom is spacious, with all amenities and there is even a "choice of showers". A hand-shower or a bigger rain shower.  Also nice to see that there is a cupboard above the sink as some boats just give you a small shelf that is hardly enough for me, let alone my wife.  The room has carpet on the floor and although we could imagine see a future maintenance problem this is very very homey. Besides that it probably also isolates the noise of course better than hard  surfaces. 

From the bed you control all the lights in the room and everywhere you look there are plug boxes, so your rechargeables should be more than happy here. The walls are a nice light colour and the mattress I will probably need to steel to bring home with me. . . ok, let's not do that and just come back one day.

On the lower deck you find 8 rooms and as you can see from the picture they differ a bit in their layout and bed configuration. On the main deck there are only two rooms on the bow and finally on the top three rooms. If you count the beds you come to an astonishing 36 sleeping places, but Emperor told us that they
 will stick to a maximum of 26 people. The "triple" frooms with a double and single bed are instead used for a couple or two singles. In the last case one can sleep in the double bed and one in the more than sufficient single bed.  This trip we are almost at the max with 24 people and I can assure you that it never feels in any way crowded here. 

O, if you are a good observer you might have noticed that the main deck has the dinning table outside and that seems not to be the case from pictures and video. Correct, they decided to change this layout on the last moment as dinning inside was preferred by many  . . . as it is rainy season currently.

Hope this gave you a small insight. Moral of the story . . . . nice rooms, good beds!



See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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