Emperor Serenity

trip report emperor liveaboardIn September 2016 we made a trip on board the Emperor Serenity. Every day we "reported" from the boat about different aspects as we experienced them. We did our best to be as objective as you possibly can when you are faced with great dives every day. The boat was just new and so comfortable that sometimes it became almost hard to go diving . . . almost, I say!


Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


Maldives is the country of Serenity! Well... that is mostly true  if you stay on a resort or on an nice liveaboard. The capital is hectic and chaotic with thousands of scooters trying just not to knock you over and another thousands of scooters parked so that getting on the sidewalk or getting of just impossible. You might think I want to put you off here, but no, I just want to  let you know how much we are ready for it . . . Serenity. So if you call your liveaboard the Emperor Serenity, you have just created that expectation but even added some greatness to it.  Let's see if they can deliver on both fronts. We, at least, are open for that change after a week of Malé.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


Often (ok not always) when we fall in love it is at first sight. We remain "in love" when we get to know someone better and see the inner beauty of that person.  With aliveaboard something similar happens. First you notice the outside and you're just eager to get to know her better and enjoy time with her. Sometimes that is a disillusion as things have a way of looking better from far away. With the Emperor Serenity we cannot even say she "had to grow on us", no from the moment we stepped aboard we felt her spaciousness, cleanness, organisation, style and pleasantness.  Here is why . . .

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


The Best of Maldives is one of the most frequent routes of Maldives. Though it comes under different names, in principle most of the boats include North Male, Rashdoo, Ari, Vaavu and South Malé Atoll. Sometimes done like this, sometimes the other way around so that boats are not visiting the same places all at once. The common route, but nothing common about it, with some luck you can see the highlights of Maldives in a week time. Here is how the Emperor Serenity organises it.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


So you need to sleep! 3 Dives a day is tiring and a good bed in a nice room is the only thing that will get you in shape for the next day. Luckily for us they succeeded in that field. Though there are some different rooms on board they are all more than sufficient for not only getting a good night sleep but perhaps slightly creating being too nice so you don't want to close your eyes.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


Three dives a day, makes you hungry and a lot of calories need to be replaced. After the return of the dhoni to the Emperor Serenity Liveaboard, most people run to their shower and are immediately ready for their meal. The buffet meals are served 3 times a day, and here you can read a bit more about it.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


Most of us check the looks of the boat when we decide to do a liveaboard trip, but of course there is a much more important factor: the staff. It is them who create the success of failure of your dive trip in Maldives. So we had a serious talk (well . . . with a beer) with them and like to share with you some information about them.

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard Report Divemood


The last posting for a great trip made this week with the Emperor Serenity, the newest liveaboard in Maldives. Summarizing  but above all giving you some visual impressions of a great liveaboard trip in Maldives.  We added a nice slideshow with some colourful stuff as well as a small video of the trip.

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