As we had some late arrivals yesterday and we could not make the first dive on Sunday, the guides decided to start good with a day of 4 dives, spread out over 3 atolls. It wasn't easy to wake up after a long evening talking with our new Russian friend and perhaps even more than the one beer we spoke about, but we did it and had some amazing start of the week.

The first dive was for many just to get into to the rhythm again, figure out the weights and check if all the equipment is doing what it should. Sidey gave a thorough briefing in which he just refreshed for all again those things that should always be in our mind and off we went to Kurumba Housereef. The dives I made there before where mostly made during the rainy season and I was hesitant to be exited by this simple reef. Proof that you have to give things another chance in life so that the can surprise you,  as we immediately had some black tip reefsharks, the sweetest small crab that I had a hard time convincing not to live on my jacket and twice a school of stingrays that decide to cross our route. Everyone went more than satisfied for breakfast after this "wake up dive".

colorfulwreckFrom there we travelled to Kuda Giri in South Malé Atoll, where you can combine a small wreck with a nice steep reef.  We dropped straight on the wreck and circled it on the outside. Sidey spotted a small mantis shrimp that gave a nice performance for my camera, which you can check out in the video on this page.  After the wreck we continued along the wall with it's great overhangs and beautiful corals. An very interesting dive with a lot of small stuff to see.

Lucky! The two Korean guys that missed there connection in Singapore arrived today. They guys from Andora arranged everything perfectly as they were delivered by speedboat to the vessel just before lunch and in time to join for the dive in Guraidhoo Channel (also called Bodu Kandu). As we cruised towards the outside of the Atoll the current seemed to be rather strong and as the ears of Alla cannot be forced in equalizing fast, I was rather worried for the beginning of the dive. Channel dives are typically started with a fast descend  to the place where you get your reef hook in place.  Though the current turned out to be sufficient for  seeing quiet some grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks it definitely was easily doable for all the divers. Mostly so because the point where we entered the water was found spot on by the captain and the guides,  and as such it was not much more than sinking and hooking in.  The sharks decided to come close, the eagle rays and napoleon stayed bit further away but it was a perfect dive.

NursesharkselfieThe last dive was on Alimatha housereef, where the throwing over many years of kitchen waste has created place where in the evening the nurse  sharks, stingrays and trevallies have learned how to get easy food . Every day at the same time. Liveaboards have made thankful use of this spectacle and make their night dives before the their jetty. The sharks and rays have lost all their shyness and surround you, swim between your legs or push themselves almost under you. Though you might feel that the initial feeding they did here created something not so natural, you can't avoid to notice that the sharks and rays look very healthy and energetic. An amazing experience that could perhaps let people look different at these animals and even become ambassadors for protecting them. They are so used to people that one medium sized one even decided to go on a video selfie with me.  He probably will ask me next to become friend on facebook.

All together a heavy day, but well orchestrated by the crew of the Adora, which made it all look so easy. Would like to go for a beer again but guess that some sweet dreams are going to get priority.  Hope you enjoy the video as the quality is not as perfect as I wanted because I had to compress it enough so it could go to Vimeo via a 3G network on my phone. 


See you tomorrow

Be safe, but ... dive!flavicon



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