Trip reports


  • Ari Queen

    divemood ari queen harbour Maldives The Best of Maldives with the Ari Queen. A classic company in Maldives that offers you about everything you want as an enthusiastic diver. We made a trip in April with this spacious boat, read all about it.


  • Emperor Orion

    trip report emperor orion liveaboard The tail of the high season in Maldives and we were on the Emperor Orion. The trip started with a 45 minutes flight to the Laamu Atoll and from there we stepped aboard. From Laamu all the way back to Malé we reported from the boat on our experiences with the boat, crew, food and the dives.  An in depth preview of your next holiday?


  • Emperor Serenity

    trip report emperor liveaboardIn September 2016 we made a trip on board the Emperor Serenity. Every day we "reported" from the boat about different aspects as we experienced them. We did our best to be as objective as you possibly can when you are faced with great dives every day. The boat was just new and so comfortable that sometimes it became almost hard to go diving . . . almost, I say!


  • Adora

    trip report adora liveaboardIn March 2016 we made a Best of Maldives trip on board the Adora. A boat that was shaped after a yacht the owner once saw in Monaco and truly gave us all the comfort you could wish. Spacious cabins an everywhere light made the surface time just as pleasant as the dive time.


  • Emperor Leo

    trip report emperor leo liveaboardWe joined the then Leo when it was still part of the "Constellation Fleet". This successful company now merged with Emperor Divers but the the video is shown here is still very much capturing the diving spirit onboard. A great trip with a very competent crew and some amazing highlights underwater.