Enthusiastic divers who believe to be in the right place to create a much more effective, personal and nicer way to find your next dive-trip!  We feld that the info you find on many sites is often rather super-visual, sometimes outright wrong and almost never approached with a . . . divemood in mind. We know it is hard to do it all correct as it is a lot of unstructured information,  you always depend on many people and factors, but at least to acknowledge that information is important and do your utmost to get it right . . . we believe we owe you.


Being diving professionals ourself,  we started to develop this website, of course called "Divemood". We have no intention to become a just another standard tour-operator or travel-agency . We want to stay in very close contact with diving and will merely focus on providing you with as much as possible correct information. We aim to keep our cost at a minimum so that eventually you and the dive operators will profit from this. In return we hope you will register and book through us and more important, leave a review of the trip you made on the site. In this way you are part of our effort in providing the best information possible for divers and we all win. It will not cost you anything more than a bit commitment, but the gains should be great! Sounds pretty good doesn't it!




My name is John! I started to dive as a teenager in search of adventure and have not been able to shake it off since then.  After finishing my study I left Holland and travelled the world as a diving instructor.  It gave me the chance to see and diving places such as Cuba, Indonesia the Dutch Caribbean, Egypt and the Maldives.  I began as a diving instructor, but over the years I started a wholesale company in diving materials, wrote marketing plans for new diving resorts, managed dive centres and above all loved underwater videography.  In 2014 a great dive trip inspired me to make this site for people who have similar divemood and hope you like it. I guess it is not perfect (yet), but promise you that we will try to make it the best site available for booking your next trip.  





I am Alla! Life played a sunny trick on me.  Originally I only moved from Russia to the tropics to gain international experience and ended up  in a busy resort where diving was the main attraction.  Though initially the resort asked me to take up diving and as such to be better informed, it wasn't soon they also asked me to dive a bit less. Unavoidable I switched to working in the dive centre as there I found  those people that had the correct attitude towards their holiday:  a divemood!  In the years working there I slowly  became interested in underwater photography and no love nothing more than spending an hour or so "screening" the reef with my camera. 



Yep, so far there is only two of us but I guess that we should mention that we our combined experience comes a long way. If you need help in booking something e.g. and English is not your thing yet, you may also write us in Dutch, German, Russian, Italian or Spanish. No problem for us. We really appreciate it if you book through us, so feel free if you need some additional advice. Just contact us!

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