Too many questions to have them all here, besides the site is hopefully explaining most of them already automatically. Nevertheless we know that sometimes these questions arise and wanted to make it a bit easier for you to find them. 


Why did you create Divemood?

When working as manager of a dive centre, I was not really happy about the level of information provided by the tour-operators and websites "promoting" us. Often the information was outdated or at the least very sparse. We frequently supplied more detailed/correct information, but it hardly ever reached the end consumer. The dive centres and customers I know had something in common; they cared very much about diving. Dive centre owners were fanatic divers and customers were often mainly focussed on diving during their holiday. It had to be possible to connect these two parties in a way they deserved. Interesting, colourful, detailed and caring. All based on the sharing of a similar mindset: our divemood.


So you are a tour-operator?

No, we are merely an informative website making it easy for you to find and book your best dive-trip. The only thing we do is to catalogue your options and supply a framework of reviews and comments that can help you make a better choice. When you book on our site a dive operator, we make sure it is transparent, easy and standardised, so that next time . . . it is even more easy. We work smart with short communication lines, our team is very small and we thrive to make things easy for you, the dive operator and . . . for ourselves. Why? Because we need to keep some time for diving!


Are you only for experienced divers?

Yes and no. The stuff we display on Divemood is mostly focussed on great dives which we you can only enjoy if you are a reasonable skilled and relaxed diver. If you doubt about your skills, it is probably best to make a remark so that we or the dive/boat operator can tell l you the possibilities. Ask, because many places actually do offer a bit more assistance if you just request it.


Which is the absolute best dive trip?

It doesn’t exist and that is the fun of diving. Just understand that the best way to have some great encounters is just . . . dive a lot. You can be unlucky but, dive more and eventually something great will pass by. Besides you will develop appreciation for stuff you first did not notice. A win win situation!


Why can't I find all boats on your site?

 Well,it's quiet easy, we only list dive operators which we believe are professional, serious, safe, fun and we feel we ourselves would like to dive with. Of course there are more than we display here and we are in the process of expanding, but we take our time to first check out the key people the boats used etc before we add them to our site. We know it is easier just to add all dive operators but that would not satisfy your divemood.


Why not book directly with the dive operator?

Yes, of course that is possible but we just hope you don’t. We offer you this website which cost really a lot to maintain and hope you will reward us with booking and reviewing through us. Don't worry, you will not pay anything extra, but you will benefit from our information and you help to make trips better for others.


So it will not be  more expensive?

Our agreement with the dive operators is that our prices are matching their lowest prices! Though we trust this is mostly respected, please feel free to let us know when not so we can correct it with them. 


Is it safe to book with you?

We might not have a name yet, but we are definitely not some anonymous company hiding behind it's name. We put our name and face on the website because we care about what we are doing. Factually your booking is a shortcut straight to the dive-operator, as we know these dive operators personally we can ensure you that they are trustworthy. As people are different we understand that still issues might arise and we will of course assist when necessary. With the dive/boat operators we selected on this site . . . should be a piece of cake to find a mutual beneficial solution in all cases. Only in this way we can fine tune our info, make sure you will have a great trip and ... ask you afterwards to add a honest review to Divemood.


How can I learn more about liveaboard diving in Maldives?

Well, we added an "advice section" to the site which can be found from homepage easily or if you want just click here. The idea is to produce there small articles with advice about topics that are relevant for liveaboard divers.  In 4 categories (Skills and Equipment, Photo and Video, Diving health and Nature and Environment) we hope to share information that helps you in some way.  We hope to touch only that information that will help you to increase you knowledge in small but consistent steps. Basic stuff, easily readable and highly effective . . . if you are interested, that is!


Is it really that nice to dive in  Maldives?

Yes it is nice. Of course it is nature (not an entertainment park) and not every dive is the top. Sometimes you have to search for the nice stuff in corners and caves, but other times it is just "thrown straight into your face".  If you never dived in Maldives before, take a look at our photo and video impressions to get a taste for it. Anyway, moral of the story . . .you will not regret diving in Maldives.


So what is next?

Well, for now we concentrate on getting enough dive operators on board, get people booking through our site and add interesting tips for divers in the blog section. When that is all running we think about organising complete trips for similar minded people. We will see where lies the need of the Divemood community and make our next move. What is sure  . . . it will involve some nice dives!


Still haven't found what you're looking for? Most likely it is already mentioned somewhere, but if not, feel free to drop us a mail.

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