About Divemood

Why book with us


Passionate and experienced

Over 30 years worldwide working in the diving industry, and still we are enthusiastic divers! We know many of the owners, managers and instructors in Maldives personally and know which one are doing a good job. Will never advice you a trip . . . we would not join ourselves.

Detailed information

The internet is often like the history channel. A lot of sites are not updated, it is hard to find out what is still valid and involvement seems scarce. So what about Divemood ? Simple: Focus on diving,  accurate  liveaboard information and personal and expert involvement!

Helpful reviews

How to know if a liveaboard delivers on their promises? No better way than to learn from previous experience from people that look at diving like you do. Read through the reviews and you will know exactly if a trip is suitable for your specific needs. Help your fellow divers and review on our site!

Book without extra cost

We keep it simple and focussing on the core: a highly informative website with only top dive operators we know personally. You find what you like here and book though our site directly with them. No extra charges,  not even on the super priced special offers. Smooth, effective, easy and always the best price.


With the creation of this website we hope to have created a way of communicating our divemood with the type of people we feel close to. Enthusiastic divers that love to keep exploring the underwater world. Photographers, videographers and just about any person that has the same feeling we have after a dive: a desire for the next dive. When you like something much yourself you tell people you like about it and this website is our tool to do so. So, what to expect?  


What it absolutely is:


A good intentions project!

We promise you that we will do our utmost to make Divemood as informative and pleasant as possible. We will do our best to find more details so that your decision to book a trip will be well founded and you will not be disappointed. We are open for suggestions and though not every wild idea will be implemented, we will think seriously about any remark we get.


A place for cooperation with fellow divers.

Who trusts a hotel when it says of itself it is the best? We display dive/boat operators we trust but we are not going to tell you that one is the best.  The main idea is to create a place where divers can learn from previous experiences and for this we created a review system that should become the heart of this site.  Based on experiences of others you can choose better future dive-trips, hopefully positively discriminating those operators that do a good job and then . . .we all benefit!


What it definitely is not:

A simple tour-operator website:

Divemood is nothing more than our project to create a website that informs you better so that you can book your next holiday / liveaboard more easy. You can book through our site but will not pay exactly the same the liveboards would charge you.  Your booking is actually going directly to them! We display only selected operators on our site and though a 100% guarantee does not exist in life, we believe them to be proper and reliable. In all cases we know the owners or key persons in these companies, did business with them or dived ourselves with them. In short, we cannot take full responsibility, but sincerely would feel safe to book with them ourselves and will be on your site in case of any dispute.


A claim that everything is 100% accurate.

We would love to say that but, though made with the best intentions, we realise that there is no such thing as perfection. People make mistakes, see thing differently and  communication could be subject to misunderstanding. We would like to repeat that we will do our utmost to keep everything accurately updated and will keep close contact with key persons in the companies displayed, but . . . we have to be realistic and can and will not accept any responsibility for information displayed incorrect here. On the other hand, if you notice any irregularity on our site, please  please please let us know, so that we can work on having the most informative dive trip site in the industry.


A simple commercial business

We started from diving passion, and will keep this high on our list. We want to do things better, more involve and stay diving as there lies our motivation! Of course we hope to get more known, to grow in terms of bookings, but . . . never on the cost of quality. That is our promise to you. If you have any major suggestions about improving our site, please let us know and will seriously consider them.


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