About Divemood

Why book with us


Passionate and experienced

Over 30 years worldwide working in the diving industry, and still we are enthusiastic divers! We know many of the owners, managers and instructors in Maldives personally and know which one are doing a good job. Will never advice you a trip . . . we would not join ourselves.

Detailed information

The internet is often like the history channel. A lot of sites are not updated, it is hard to find out what is still valid and involvement seems scarce. So what about Divemood ? Simple: Focus on diving,  accurate  liveaboard information and personal and expert involvement!

Helpful reviews

How to know if a liveaboard delivers on their promises? No better way than to learn from previous experience from people that look at diving like you do. Read through the reviews and you will know exactly if a trip is suitable for your specific needs. Help your fellow divers and review on our site!

Book without extra cost

We keep it simple and focussing on the core: a highly informative website with only top dive operators we know personally. You find what you like here and book though our site directly with them. No extra charges,  not even on the super priced special offers. Smooth, effective, easy and always the best price.


johnallaafterdive2Enthusiastic divers who believe to be in the right place to create a much more effective, personal and nicer way to find your next dive-trip!  We feld that the info you find on many sites is often rather super-visual, sometimes outright wrong and almost never approached with a . . . divemood in mind. We know it is hard to do it all correct as it is a lot of unstructured information,  you always depend on many people and factors, but at least to acknowledge that information is important and do your utmost to get it right . . . we believe we owe you.


With the creation of this website we hope to have created a way of communicating our divemood with the type of people we feel close to. Enthusiastic divers that love to keep exploring the underwater world. Photographers, videographers and just about any person that has the same feeling we have after a dive: a desire for the next dive. When you like something much yourself you tell people you like about it and this website is our tool to do so. So, what to expect?  

Too many questions to have them all here, besides the site is hopefully explaining most of them already automatically. Nevertheless we know that sometimes these questions arise and wanted to make it a bit easier for you to find them. 


Why did you create Divemood?

When working as manager of a dive centre, I was not really happy about the level of information provided by the tour-operators and websites "promoting" us. Often the information was outdated or at the least very sparse. We frequently supplied more detailed/correct information, but it hardly ever reached the end consumer. The dive centres and customers I know had something in common; they cared very much about diving. Dive centre owners were fanatic divers and customers were often mainly focussed on diving during their holiday. It had to be possible to connect these two parties in a way they deserved. Interesting, colourful, detailed and caring. All based on the sharing of a similar mindset: our divemood.


So you are a tour-operator?

No, we are merely an informative website making it easy for you to find and book your best dive-trip. The only thing we do is to catalogue your options and supply a framework of reviews and comments that can help you make a better choice. When you book on our site a dive operator, we make sure it is transparent, easy and standardised, so that next time . . . it is even more easy. We work smart with short communication lines, our team is very small and we thrive to make things easy for you, the dive operator and . . . for ourselves. Why? Because we need to keep some time for diving!


Are you only for experienced divers only?

Yes and no. The stuff we display on Divemood is mostly focussed on great dives which we you can only enjoy if you are a reasonable skilled and relaxed diver. If you doubt about your skills, it is probably best to make a remark so that we or the dive/boat operator can tell l you the possibilities. Ask, because many places actually do offer a bit more assistance if you just request it.


Which is the absolute best dive trip?

It doesn’t exist and that is the fun of diving. Just understand that the best way to have some great encounters is just . . . dive a lot. You can be unlucky but, dive more and eventually something great will pass by. Besides you will develop appreciation for stuff you first did not notice. A win win situation!


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